With the two great singers side by side, a comparison is inevitable (Anita Rachvelishvili et Clémentine Margaine),. To be honest, I find them very different, each amazing in her own way. Without a doubt, Margaine is a stunning Carmen, and I've seen many over the years, from Horne to Berganza to Baltsa to Crespin. More recently, Antonacci and Garanca made strong impressions. To my eyes and ears, Margaine's Carmen is among the most idiomatic and balanced in terms of voice, musicality and theatricality.

She has charisma in spades — you can't take your eyes off her. Her Gypsy is alluring and impetuous, but never crude or vulgar. The voice is gleaming and opulent, with plenty of volume and power, completely even up and down the scale, with no discernible break between head and chest registers. By the end of Act 4, she has made a believer out of me. The audience certainly thought so, giving her the biggest ovations of the evening. The COC should bring her back as soon as possible.

Les 20,28 avril et 8,10,12 et 15 mai

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